Mobile Apps

Get Your Fans Closer to Your World!

With a custom designed mobile app you have the opportunity to reach more people on the go. With the ability to send push messages for new shows, have a tip jar or video links to your content, and increase your bookings, the possibilities are limitless for keeping your fans in the know!

There are two different price points for your mobile application! Get started today by contacting our offices!


A Basic App Account includes:

  • Support to create the app
  • Support to deploy the app
  • Support to make quarterly updates to the app 
  • Statistics of App
  • Up to 5 push notifications a month scheduled by our team


A Premium Account includes:

  • All that of Basic plus:
  • Your own administrative dashboard
  • Upgrade to make changes to your deployed app*
  • Access to CMS within the app administration
  • Upgrade to unlimited push notifications
Important Considerations

Contract must be signed and on file to start app development. 

App will be deployed for the stores after the App Fee is paid, from billing invoice. 

Should you choose to discontinue your services, you will no longer have access to make updates to your application, and if your application was published to the App Store or Google Play, it will be removed.

Note: At this time these apps are ON-Demand in a special marketing page, and not published to stores. It is a feature that is being worked on. If you need custom work and solutions put into the app store, contact us directly before getting started.

Code cannot be bundled and release to you because of our deployment and administrative tools.